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Hat Hair Hacks

Quiff & Co. hairpieces. What's the big deal? As summer days cool into fall weather, it’s time to pull out your winter wardrobe. Hats, stocking caps, hoodies and headbands are a fundamental part of surviving icy winds and cold temperatures. Unfortunately, this...

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Quiff & Co. hairpieces. What’s the big deal?

Quiff & Co. hairpieces. What's the big deal? Quiff & Co. hairpieces. What’s the big deal? This U.K.-based company is revolutionizing the hair piece game for men around the world. Like many men, Ant and Steve dealt with hair loss at a young age. They tried...

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Dog Baldness And Hair Loss

Dog Baldness And Hair Loss Dog baldness and hair loss Men and women worry about hair loss, but our furry friends are also prone to this problem. There are many reasons for your dog to start losing hair, the best way to figure out why is to consult with your vet....

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Wigging out Over Headdress History

Wigging out Over Headdress History If you’ve ever visited a historical art gallery or opened your history textbook, you know that men with large, white wigs dominated the scene for hundreds of years. During the 17th and 18th century, powdered wigs were not only a...

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8 Iconic Men’s Hairstyles

8 Iconic Men's Hairstyles A man’s hair tends to be written off as a forgettable afterthought, but that’s true. Over the years, there have been men who have inspired new hairstyle trends with their luscious locks. Here’s a list of famous faces who have helped spread...

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Highlighting Highlights for Men

Highlighting Highlights for Men Flashback to the 1990s and you’ll see visions of men with frosted tips and highlighted hair. It wasn’t just popular boy bands like N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys who were getting highlights, although they were the poster boys for...

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Bald Businessmen

Bald Businessmen When thinking of a super successful older man, what do you picture? If bald was one of the characteristics you thought of, a lot of the time you would be right. While certainly not a prerequisite for success, it’s hard to deny the large number of bald...

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16 Fun Facts About Your Hair

Obsessing over a bunch of tiny strands of hair is a strange concept for sure, but it’s also an interesting part of your body. For centuries people have studied and styled their hair, and over the years we’ve learned a couple things.

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Humid Air Affects Your Hair

Humid Hair Affects Your Hair Summer weather is defined by the sunshine, warm temperatures and plenty of humidity. Whatever your hair normally looks like, the humidity will change it drastically. Long or short, curly or straight, humid air affects your hair. It also...

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Your Grooming Guide for Ear and Nose Hair

Your Grooming Guide for Ear and Nose Hair A thick, full beard is a respected sign of manliness. Bushy ear and nose hairs are not. No man has ever looked his best with bushy hair growing out of his nose and ears. Your grooming routine should include trimming all of...

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Treatment and Prevention for Scalp Sunburns

Treatment and Prevention for Scalp Sunburns Those pesky white flakes falling from your itchy scalp might not be dandruff. The summer sun beats down on top of our unprotected heads. This leads to painful sunburns on our scalp. You might not see the redness but you’ll...

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Bush Basics: Know Your Hair Down There

Bush Basics: Know Your Hair Down There More summer sun often means less clothing. For many men and women, it’s time to start paying more attention to the hair down there. Grooming your private areas is both a nuisance and a personal preference. We’ll shave away your...

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