Fast Healing

The NeoGraft™ Automated Hair Restoration Machine provides a faster and more comfortable healing process .


Using gentle pneumatic pressure to both extract and insert the follicles individually, the NeoGraft™ technique greatly reduces the risk of any potential surgeon error.


The end result of NeoGraft™ is a more natural (no linear scar) look than one would get with traditional methods.

Meet Dr. David Broadway

Dr. David Broadway
World-Renowned Quadruple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Broadway has extensively studied the very best methods and technology available for total hair restoration. Dr. Broadway knew there had to be a better solution and has found that through NeoGraft™ Automated FUE technology. Dr. Broadway is proud to be the very first surgeon in Denver, Colorado to offer patients a safer, better alternative to hair restoration.
About Dr. Broadway

“I am proud to be the first Denver plastic surgeon to offer NeoGraft™ Automated FUE Hair Transplantation treatments,” Dr. Broadway

NeoGraft™ Procedure


NeoGraft™ utilizes F.U.E. (Follicular-Unit Extraction) technology, which uses a gentle pneumatic pressure to individually extract and naturally replace hair follicles. NeoGraft™ procedures prevent the long linear scar you see from traditional strip methods, while also providing natural results.

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